What are Chief Steward?

Define a Chief Steward

A chief steward is usually a member who has been active as a steward for a number of years. He or she has experience handling grievances and resolving workplace problems and issues. The chief steward is thoroughly familiar with the contract, work rules, and management policies and procedures. The chief steward also knows the players – the various managers and supervisors – that stewards will deal with. The chief steward handles grievances at 1st step in the grievance procedure.

Chief Steward Duties

Serve as a resource for other stewards, lending experience, knowledge and expertise to resolve grievances and problems. Identify issues that matter to members across work areas or departments and plan for collective action. Educate and mentor new stewards in such areas as interpreting contract language or passing on grievance-handling skills – all the while helping them learn the ropes and gain confidence as stewards.