Membership Meeting Recess

COVID Reward instructions

The Monthly Membership Meeting notice is at the below link. We hope you will join us to stay up to date on union matters. This is a Zoom meeting, and you will need log in information.

April 5, 2022 Monthly Membership Notice

February is Sign Up or Withdraw with ARAG Legal. Click on below info to join or withdraw. To do either, the appropriate information must be provided in the application. Feel free to stop by the union hall to pick any of this information up.

ARAG Legal Application – 2022 ARAG Legal Information – back -2022 ARAG Legal Information – front -2022

We hope you will join us. Be sure to contact the Union Hall for confirmation and Zoom link, 614-291-1632.

February Membership Meeting

See below the Arbitrators Decision on Merit Award.

Merit Arbitration Decision